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Loyal To The Game Lyrics

How many you muthufuckers, is loyal to the game?
You know I'm saying, haha
Me, I've been in this shit, since way back
And to tell you the truth, I ain't going no where
But some of you are, check it

On ah late night flight, from Tokyo Japan
Ese muthufuckers know 'im, international man
They know my clan, notorious enemy
Ese ask your little bitch she ah fan of me
C, R, O C to the K, this my foundation I ain't going
No limit, tour can be done
That means I ain't tripping to whatever may come
That's me little homie that you hearing now
Getting high while you listen dawg it's fully aloud
Juras roll up, and then roll out
We running killers on the corner with they gats all
They locked eyes, with the fucken devil
5 O turn yellow this ah critical level
They call back up, they know we act up
Ese LA gang style enemigas get clapped up

Me, I'm loyal to the game
Know I'm saying
How the fuck else you have long Jerry in this
Que no, un saludo a todo mi jente
Mid down page, page 1
We gon' keep this shit going, para siempre

You was from the city wrapped up in the valley
Vatos got snatched out that gray Denali
Had the cabby, checkers wanted it badly
The narcs found 'im stretched in ah dope fein alley
The beat dumping, on your fucken chest
And the words that I speak got you knowing the Tech
Cut the check, before you get an erect
Little trucos from the hache on your CD deck
You know my name, and the gang I claim
The 2 labels that I rep are 1 in the same
The wanted poster ese need to be framed
If there's ah killing on the block I'm the one that
get blamed
My product sink, over seas
El viejo continente, Germany
They looking stupid, thinking I won't react
Ese LA gang style enemigas get clapped

You know, Sony select few of us
And I go hang in there
In the good times, and the bad times
And us, we going down in history
While the rest of you foo's I don't know what the
fuck you becoming

I'm out here living, every day
Around the clock serveillence cus they trying to
I'm ahead of my time, I sleep with ah 9
And every fucken missions is ah poetic rhyme
The calles ours, ain't no hood like mine
Ese where you vatos looking I ain't hard to find
Read the sign, D E A D, E N D, Sur 1 3
I blew up, you know I'm popping shit
They treat me like ah Judas set me up for the hit
Your bitch thick, and she know I'm ah pit
Had to add it to the stable put her ass on the strip
They hold me down, in the fucken slums
I'm official to the fullest as I go beyond
The point of no return, fuck all that
Ese LA gang style enemigas clapped

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Conejo - Killer from the West
is the track #6 from the album Killer from the West which is released on 2013-10-15. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2013 Urban Kings Music Group (www UKMG net)
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