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So long, goodbye
Tears welled in your eye and
It's all over
If I just shake this torture
Now you're immortal
Found yourself the portal to my mind
And I'll be here around
Behind this wall you found and

I'll be picking at the cracks till they come loose
I'll be braiding my own noose
And you'll sigh and watch the sky as it turns blue
Sweep the clouds and start anew

And I'll turn the clock back
My heart won't know the difference
I'm painted green
But I know it was the best thing
You saved us both
From a life of subtle agony
I'm painted green
But I know it was the best thing

Cuts heal, and scars ache
The heart's most of all
You braced for this blow
But I got ripped wide open

I thought I'd be leaving this behind me
Opened my hand to make room for yours

Feels funny writing without you to hear my songs
But as I recall you never listened
Maybe someday we can find what we have lost
But by then will we know better?

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Counterpunch - Counterpunch
is the track #10 from the album Counterpunch which is released on 2007. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 Punch It Records
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