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I Will Knock You Off The Face Of Hardcore Lyrics

I get snuffed out
And still I'm breathing
Each day it gets much worse
But I'll fight to keep my head above it
Won't let you get me down

New day another reason
For you to flaunt your deeds
To show the whole wide world
You're useless and conceited

Enough to believe your highness indeed
Consternation's incomplete
How grateful are we for all of the days you shoved it
in our face

You shot me down
For that I'm seething
Each thought provoking worse
As I fight to keep my head above it
Won't let you bring me down.

Perfections hardly attained
For all things that bear your name
This time take the easy way
And just let it all fall apart

You still won't believe
Your highness indeed
Nothing you have can compete
To all of the ways
My life is these days
With the world right at my feet

And now As I try
To ignore your wayward cries
For regret and remorse
Watching nature take its course
And the price that remains
Bought and sold with nothing gained
But a pawn in the game
With a head to swollen to save

This time it's me leaving
Your lies no more deceiving
This time it's so easy
To let things go
And I'm fighting to suppress it down
Fighting to suppress it down

You snuffed me out
And I'm still breathing
My head is finally cleared
Everyday I'll fight to keep above it
Won't let you get me down.

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Counterpunch - Counterpunch
is the track #3 from the album Counterpunch which is released on 2007. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 Punch It Records
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