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dear mary please open your eyes
dear mary grant me a smile
oh mary revive from beyond
long enough you lay in deaths arms.
welcome to my laboratory
it’s equipped very well your cradle to be
still you are dead but soon you’ll be alive
sadness is over i’ll bring you back my bride
science is more powerful than god himself
i promise you will be up and well
so rude you were ripped out of life
i’ve sworn the oath
i’ll bring you back tonight

all is prepared and all tools are checked
now the needle enters your neck
the elixir deploys in your spinal cord
respiration and heartbeat will be restored
i defeated the law of mortal decay
decomposition stops right away
there it was! a movement in your face
in a few seconds i know we will embrace

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Crimson Ghosts - Leaving the Tomb
is the track #11 from the album Leaving the Tomb which is released on 2005-01-10. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2005 Fiendforce Records
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