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Officer you have to believe me
I didn't kill my wife
Please settle down sir just start from the beginning
And tell us what happened to Sophie

Our baggage was packed tight the essentials were
gathered and prepared
This was the Honeymoon trip we had been planning for
Skinny-dipping in the hot springs of the Kootenay
Rockies that was her dream
The earth moist beneath our boots crumbled as we set
out that morning
Long eerie shadows stretched out and crawled towards us

A simple meal once camp had been set
Afterwards we curled together before the fire
As darkness settled the two of us became one
Our subtle moans leaked past the night and across the
vast unknown plains

As our sweat dried we clung together and drifted off
into sleep
A rustle in the distance startled me awake
I turned towards Sophie to initiate another round
Overtaken by her vulnerability

But the vacuous silence she emit puzzled me until I
turned on the flashlight
All that was left of my wife was a bloodied upper torso
torn and fragmented

That's when I first heard it, the ominous black beast
Howling and grunting just out of sight
Then nothing for a minute until the hairy creature
attacked again
It had come back for what was left of Sophie

Shivering naked and caked with her blood
I drifted off as I waited for morning
I then awoke to you guys screaming
Please officer you have to believe me

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Cryptopsy - Cryptopsy
is the track #7 from the album Cryptopsy which is released on 2012-09-11. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2012 Defen Society Earhertz
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