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Blockhead Lyrics

I got this bitch named blockhead, she gotta block head and afta every block party she give the whole block head

I got this chick named blockhead she gotta blockhead
she smoke dope so I called tha bitch a rockhead dem black ones falcon jersey
and dem socks red mess wit that road an will leave yo whole block dead
try and stop it and once we stop em electrify em like sockets she chasin
cheese but this chick aint got no broccolli you know a blockhead these chicks is blockheads


I know dis chick named blockhead she got a blockheadand after every blockparty she give
da whole block head i mean she grabin and holdin it and neva stop it and when I 'm about to let loose she say I got it so den i loaded and exploided just like a rocket so she looked at me
and said her favorite flavor chocolate instead of money she keep condoms in her pocket if
my what was a cord her mouth be tha socket.


I got this chick named blockhead she stay in Bankhead she got 4,5 friends that a serve u till u red
she served me in my Nover she served me in my Rover she served me in my Benz givin a playa tha
cold shoulder she did me and my friends she did it once again I asked the chick wats up she grabin
on my stuff she tryed to grab my goods and I smacked her on her butt.

Chorusx 3

She got a blockhead I mean a blockhead I tried her wit the sprees so I called the chick
pophead dis sucka tried me so I called that punk a glockhead I'm neva scared so u know
Im from dat bankhead I claim dat Baker Road Clique wit dro oh no back to zone folk
dats how it go smoke it folk

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