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Hiding From Your Love Lyrics

Oh I came from the sun but I landed in the snow
Had my own reasons but nowhere to go
I knocked on the door of that old shabby bar
Where you stood on the stage with your
beat-up guitar

I waited for the band to break and we spoke
I gave you my name and you offered me a smoke
Well the sirens were screamin' at a full moon
that night
You said can I ring you and I said goodnight
and went...

Hiding from your love
Oh yeah hiding from your love

I walked through the avenues with those
dirt-lettered names
Each criminal so different,
yet somehow we're the same
They walked up to me, seeing something in my eyes
When I took up their offer they were not surprised

I sent myself flying above the noise and the squalor
Couldn't wait to get home and pick up the phone
By then I was feeling just a little bit taller
And thinking I might like to not be alone and be...


Well I told you about Mama then we talked about Jesus
I told you about a trailer in the woods all alone
Said I would meet you at the corner of Seventh
Well you should've known that I'd never show
and I'd be...


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Dana Fuchs - Lonely For A Lifetime
is the track #9 from the album Lonely For A Lifetime which is released on 2003. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2012 Antler King Records
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