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When 1000 Crypts Awake lyrics

Cold, my heart
Raped by the descendants of light
Embittered my soul
Drowned in a flood of desperate views

It feels like
I have walked this earth
For a thounsand years,
My breath so heavy,
My tears in vain

Hypnos embraces mes
The dead caress my sleep once more
I gaze at one single shining star,
That shows me the way
To a distant crypt, to my grave I am yearning for

When thousand crypts awake,
You can hear them calling for me
When thounsand souls are lost
The winds whisper a tragedy
Of one single soul,
That reached infinity

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Dark Fortress - Stab Wounds (remastered Re-issue 2019)
is the track #4 from the album Stab Wounds which is released on 2004-06-11. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 2019 Century Media Records Ltd under exclusive license from Dark Fortress
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