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Just Let Me Hold You For A Night Lyrics

(Make it alright) if you let me
ou ou
Make it alright
Al i know i can
(Make it alright)if you let me baby
Make it alright

Just let me hold you, for a night
I swear i'll make,everything alright
make it alright (if i can hold you)ou
Make it alright(everything will be alright)ou

I know that it's not easy ,and sometimes you get
Ah don't you baby
It's hard to tell if you being loved
if you are being loved (repeat) or just being used
Ou Baby
If you let me hold you for a just one night
Just let me hold you for a night,I swear i'll make..
All Baby
I know i can if you let me
Make it alright

Listen,Listen, I know it must seem like
noone,noone,noone, noone is trying to be real
(Take a look around baby)
o but baby ou don't get discouraged
(Ah)Cause i know, i know just how you feel
Just let me,just let me ,(just let me hold you for a
If you let me hold you baby
I swear i'll make, Ou Ou, everything alright
(Make it alright)
If you give me a chance, Ou,if you let me hold you for
just one night
(Make it alright)
I know i can baby, i can make it alright
Oh(i can make it alright)
Don't get dis couraged
I know just how you feel
(Make it alright)
I want you to know that i'm for real,woo
Make it alright
So hard to tell if you'll been love sometimes
Make it alright
It's so hard ( Repeat) i know you wonder ,you wonder
,you wonder,if you are being used
but i want you to look into me eyes tonight
Make it alright
i want you to know everythings alright

Song writer(s): Charles Kipps

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David Ruffin - David Ruffin ...At His Best
is the track #8 from the album David Ruffin ...At His Best which is released on 1978. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 1978 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc
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