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Intellect Is Blind Lyrics

Oh have you heard or recognized the eagles flee
over forests (we) burned to the ground
like messengers of a dying world
trying to safe the wisdom of natural accord - natural

No one has seen
has seen how they have spread their wings
how they left us far behind
breaking up the friendship with our race
breaking up the family

So what is it we`re heading for?
is it the decline?
what use has our intelligence
when intellect is blind?

What if we change
and stop our suicidal deeds
let our progress do something for
our mother earth - we raped her scars
biting off the feeding hand

Song writer(s): Sebastian Blaschke, Max Schreiber
Official Days In Grief website: www.daysingrief.de

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Days In Grief - Behind the Curtain of a Modern Tomorrow
is the track #6 from the album Behind the Curtain of a Modern Tomorrow which is released on 2005-06-20. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2015 IRON WILL
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