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Lurking Among Us Lyrics

Lurking among us, attracted by blood,
hating the world for its love of a god,
anciently ordered a soldier for death,
stomping on Christians and raising the dead.
Christian swine, beat and blessed, crucified,
Christ was wrong, saints be gone, genocide,
Hand in hand, it is time, suicide.
Die, kill, rupture a vain, once and for all into silence you'll stay,
Lord, god, splattered remains, the inquisition of heavens ordained.
Lurking among us, inveteration, angel of evil, slaughtering nun's
Ridding the world of pretentious scum,
Collecting debts, in the name of Satan,
Blackest knight, blessing flesh, bleeding shrines,
Broken necks, missing eyes, tortured blind,
Crucifix, don't exist, we survive.
Dark lord master to me, Father Lord Satan I do as you please,
Find god, death comes to he,
tear out his heart and together we'll feast.
Lurking among us, on trinity feed,
chop off the head of the Christian belief,
Impaling saints, demonstrate, his legion, render of fate,
terminate, for Satan.
Ritual, Sacrifice, doomed with Christ,
Kill the lights, come to life, horrify,
Wager war; trash the cross, open minds.
Wipe god off of the earth, cleansing creation, rejecting his word,
Satan, ruler of all, let us indulge in the fruits of their fall,

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Deicide - In Torment In Hell
is the track #8 from the album In Torment In Hell which is released on 2001. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2001 The All Blacks B V
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