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Kill Your Memory Lyrics

Often comes to my mind
Living on the other side
No body, no control
I am just a soul

I'm flyin' with the wind
Be afraid, I'm soughing
I rattle your window
Peacefulness have no more

Here I am left behind
I'm going out of my mind

If my death was real
Began my awful deal
I would haunt every night
Keep you in dreadful fright

I would squeeze you out
Suck your tears and blood
I would uproot your heart
I would take you apart

Here I leave you behind
I blot you out of my mind

Take this weight off of me
I wanna kill your memory

By now I've closed my part
I wanna be apart
I wanna do my way
Be far, be gone away

I always felt your fear
That our end was so near
I never understood
How you thought it's good

Take this weight off of me
I wanna kill your memory
Recovering from misery
I wanna kill your memory

I have nothing more to say
This will be a better day
It feels, as if you would still care about me
But I'll kill your memory

Our past has now begun
We'll never be close again
Together, we never will...
Your memory I will kill

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Demonlord - Only the Dead Are Safe
is the track #8 from the album Only the Dead Are Safe which is released on 2011-02-01. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2011 NAIL Records (HMR Music Kft )
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