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oh my darlin’, you’ve must be a moving target just like
they’ll call you right, they’ll call you left
they’ll call you names of all your friends

you never know
what you’ll have to do
baby don’t let ‘em
don’t let ‘em put a name on you

there’s no categories just long stories waiting to be
(if there’s love in your heart)
don’t be satisfied when someone sums you up with just
one word
(if there’s love in your heart)

blindfold your heart
and feel for a clue
baby don’t let ‘em
don’t let ‘em put a name on you

you say you wanna know the people I know
you say you wanna come in and crack my code, uh huh
catch me if you think you can
but count on me for nothing man, uh huh
it’s gonna take more than hearing you say the only
words you think I know
the truth may be with you today but may be gone

baby don’t let ‘em
don’t let ‘em put a name on you

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Derek Webb - The Ringing Bell
is the track #6 from the album The Ringing Bell which is released on 2007-05-01. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2007 Derek Webb
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