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Child of eight, bound and beaten, foreskin sliced,
precise incision. Infantile screams bring uncontrollable
With a kitchen knife I perform castration. Rampant
fellatio, it's dissected meat in my mouth.
The salty taste of bloody smegma slipping down my throat,
flacid mutilated penis.
The scalpel inserted through the uretha, working the
blade in and out. An infliction of pain beyond human
comprehension. Sodomized by a broken bottle, ripping the
delicate anal tissue. Paralyzed by fatel kick to the
spine, repetative punches to the face, features swollen,
beyond recognition, screams reduced to a whimper,
sickening repugnant acts. Infantile anal intercourse, I
force myself up it's blood dreched rectum and fondle it's
hairless groin. Gouge out the eyes, roll them over my
tongue, I plunge my manhood into the shrivelled sockets.
The catamites demise is near. Vegitated child, mute and
beyond pain. Cannibalising flesh.
Wank over the dying infant. With iron bar I smash it's
pathetic fucking skull. The youth lies white and still.

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Desecration - Gore and PerVersion 2
is the track #13 from the album Gore and PerVersion 2 which is released on 2003-04-07. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2003 Copro Records
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