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Assimilate Lyrics

(Igniting an automatic mechanical process assimilate human perpetual motion
Passively binding generations unaware) unfolding the fragments of a haywire
Revelation non-biased expansion advancing synthetics injected into minds
Programming stillborn hopes infect human cultivation (programmed with ambition
Exceeding capacity of mind fortified synthetic innovation advance) hidden
Within coded dialect of equations and technological determination momentum gone
Wrong recreate to kill its own erased of disposition disengaging primal
Interactive anchored systems incomplete foundations woven in genetic
Sufficience definitive factions coerce forever unknowing consequence is viral
Legacy fed through immanent human error emulating conscience through infected
Vision (lifeless automation defending affirmative action an irredeemable birth
Driven without cause continual synthetic ingenuity distinguished only by
Imperfection) virus injecting into minds programming stillborn hopes infect
Human cultivation forever advocation unaware descend the multitudes by
Assembling non-biological thinkers with in built self-variating intelligence.

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Devolved - Calculated
is the track #9 from the album Calculated which is released on 2004. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2010 Unique Leader Records
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