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Bestfriends Lyrics

When im down you're there
Brighten up my darkest day
You're always showin me the way
Coz with you, my friend
I don't have to be afraid
You're the one I can depend, yeah.

I was livin' a life like hell 3 times the ish that u've
ever been
N' it got me thinkin' if the whoile world's goin' crazy
im like “dear God'
I wonder can you save me? But you did n' you backed me
Throughout the times when I was about to give up
See I never had a friend whos down for real, u've kept
my head high even in my ordeal

Live life to the fullest, I guess we have to do this
Its one way or the other, we got to be the greatest
So we try our very best just to make it
You were there my friend and you never faded
You cheer me up when im down, you was like a clown
I never had to frown coz I know you'll be around
You're my partner in crime, partner in rhyme
We'll be partners forever ‘till we shine.


Friends come in different sizes & different shape
Some of them are real & most of them are fake
Learn to appreciate the little things they do
Coz they're the only ones who will appreciate you
Friends come and go but there's ones who'll stay true,
He's the guy up there who'll be watchin' over you
He'll be your bestfriend for life ‘till the end.

See u stuck with me till I came out clean
N placed me back on to my impossible dream
I never thought that I'd get back on my knees n be on
I got me livin' again, n eventho I got probs on wher to
get doe
Hey im surprides that still able to see tomorrow
U're my heart, my soul, my strength n my friend
So for your best pal, baby don't stop, keep on doin it

Chorus twice

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Dice & K9 - Mobbstarr
is the track #5 from the album Mobbstarr which is released on 2004-05-30. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2004 Warner Music Philippines
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