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Chaos in the friendly skies
Liberty did shield her eyes
And this was one day like any other
Before a brother betrayed another
Woman trembling cold and pale
Taken through the daily mail
But this was one life that should have mattered
Before the circuits of death were scattered
This was one of a series
A chain of events
Delivered in silence
It doesn't make sense

Children dancing in the street
Flaming banner at their feet
And this was one complicated vision
Of an unavailing decision
The was one for the register
Slipping of time
When the more you deplete us
The higher we climb
Yes, the higher we climb
First one falls and then there's two
The colors bleeding red, white, blue
But humanity cannot replace
The victims in the fall from grace
Again the chant, again

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Dignity Of Labour - The Dignity of Labour
is the track #7 from the album The Dignity of Labour which is released on 2005. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 A Different Drum
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