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Outta My Bed Lyrics

Baby, you know I love you
More than I ever did
Baby, you pull me in slowly
But smooth like a cigarette
And every time that it gets cold out
You're right there by my side
You know you're my favorite distraction
My favorite waste of time
You let my lose my mind
I want you all the time
I'll keep you satisfied
Just don't get outta my bed
All the time
Just one more taste
And I'm not feeling quite as shy
Just don't get outta my bed
In the morning when I wake up
And I'm feeling all alone
All I gotta do is roll over
And you're there with bells on
And now my mama told me not to touch that stuff
But she don't take her advice
And baby, you're the one who gives me all my love
And keeps my feeling twice as nice
I can't get you off of my back

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Dirtie Blonde - Dirtie Blonde
is the track #2 from the album Dirtie Blonde which is released on 2006-05-16. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Zomba Recording LLC
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