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What You Want Lyrics

I can't go to sleep
I lie in bed awake and wired, trying desperately
But I'm not counting sheep
I'm listening to the music in my head so constantly
'Cause I rely on it
To take me far, oh, so financially
And I'm depriving him
Of all my time and all my energy
And all this time, I slave away
It will happen someday
And all you got to do is say
What you want

So what you want?
What you want for me to say?
All I ever do is try for you
Oh baby I'm ready
What you want?
Try to take it day by day
But I need some kind of sign from you
I'm giving you plenty
If you need, I could throw it in your face
Write a song that's undeniable
So steady, I'm ready
What you want?
I could be the one you want
I could be the one you want

Don't lose faith in me
I'm about to execute with true simplicity
I'll make you tap your feet
Make you hum the words as you are walking down the
'Cause I rely on you
To get it now or never, see'est la vie
And it's a time to start anew
Show that this is what I want to be
And all the times I slaved away
They will pay off someday
And all you got to do is say
What you want

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

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Dirtie Blonde - Dirtie Blonde
is the track #8 from the album Dirtie Blonde which is released on 2006-05-16. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Zomba Recording LLC
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