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Psycho Path Lyrics

I ride the psycho path in pain
Into the foreign shores
I'll never walk again
Just call my name and I will be your enemy
Just call my name and I won't be answering
I will be your enemy until the darkness fall
Blinded by the morning light
I'm not afraid to die
Eat my flesh and drink my soul
it's no use holding on
Feed my dreams with your own soil
Let me feel your pain
Come watch the acid sights I see
Crawling up towards me
The gods and demons serve me well
though I can't tell
Do they want me well?
I ride the psycho path to gain
The power that the sane never will obtain
Just call my name then I will be your enemy
Just call my name and I will be insane

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Dismal Euphony - All Little Devils
is the track #6 from the album All Little Devils which is released on 1999. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1999 Nuclear Blast GmbH
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