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Feels Like Heaven Lyrics


Feels like heaven, when I think about you,
Your always on my mind
I wanna be the only girl, that rocks your world,
Feels like heaven, when I think about you,
And you're always on my mind,
I wanna be the only girl,
That let's you rock her world

Chorus B:

Yeah, Its such a wonderful feeling ,yeah
Its something that is so thrilling, yeah
And I swear that you'll always have my heart
I said yeah
I can't stop thinking about you, yeah
You're like a dream that has come true, yeah
And what I say is truly from my heart, yeah

Vers 1:

Now I'll be there anywhere that you want me to be,
Just the air that you need to breathe, I'll be your
Key to your happiness, your sunshine and you
Heavenly bliss, I'll be your joy give you all that
You miss, I'll be your genie in a bottle girl
Just make a wish, I'll treat you like the
Queen you are and make your favorite dish,
You know the deal, now let me tell you how
I feel, just open up your eyes and make it real

Vers 2:

I said now girl, you like my star shining in the sky,
It feels so good, I swear you got me feeling
What can I say, every day I feel the power of love,
You like a through blessing girl from the lord up a
It's like a miracle; you know it's more than physical.
It's like a feeling that I never felt. It's magical,
Girl I'm so happy, It's such a beautiful thing
I can't even find the words to explain.

Song writer(s): Achim Kleist, Wolfgang von Webenau
Official Dj Bobo website: www.djbobo.ch

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Dj Bobo - Greatest Hits
is the track #16 from the album Greatest Hits which is released on 2006. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2013 Yes Music AG
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