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Will You Be My Lady Lyrics

Yea... Come Here Baby Yea Yea Why Am I All,
Dressed Up, Well Check This Out...
Ive Been Doin Alot Of Thinking Lately And It All
Started The Other Day When I Went Into Town...
Remember That Baby...Listen

This All Started The Other Day When I Was At The Store I Saw This Guy
Get On One Knee And Heard Him Say To His Girl Casa De Conmigo... My Heart Stopped
Right There When I Saw The Look On Her Face Baby I Swear... She Didnt Even Know
What To Say, She Couldnt Even Breath... But Her Tears Of Her Happiness Gave Her Away

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Dj Sancho - Para Ti
is the track #5 from the album Para Ti which is released on 2007-04-10. Genre: Latin | Record Label: 2007 XS Productions
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