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From Fear To Life Lyrics

Off the side wherever you go
Feel your fright you won’t go by
Before the sun
Feels like nothing goes wrong
In outbreaks from overtime
I feel no life
Someone fell onwards dawn
I could say from things I run
I keep my mind
Someone begs you for long
Feeling lonely goes offline
Perceive your fright

Put yourself on invalidations
Would you please explain me
Why you’ve put some lies
Focus on variations
I could never go upstairs
From fear to life
Thinking of silly questions
I will always think
Of one thing left behind
Some old days are above you
I can find my way to get
From fear to life

Back again from loads of discomfort
Put yourself in living dream
Of color, feels and go on
Through the sense of believing
Picking up the reason why
You stay within for so long
Sick of what you were given
No lack of dirty trash
And restless dreams
I could not stand gone
Bringing end of the same thing
Of reason why I can’t come here
I cope with fear alone

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Dmitry Nechaev - Ignis Fatuus
is the track #7 from the album Ignis Fatuus which is released on 2010-09-28. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2010 Distrophonix LLC
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