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Johnnie Big Mouth Lyrics

A'nuff of dem a run up dey mouth
Nuff of them a say dem are de best
But when it comes to the best I know
Them a want this

So take a seat and then you take a rest
I leave it to the people to suggest
What the best, what the best
Inna dis 'ere contest

Nuff of dem a chat up de mouth
But I have to sing and shout
Cause it's the words from my mouth
That spread east, west, north and south

I come to tell you about
This jonnie big mouth
Why face run up his mouth
And him don't know what he's talking about.

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Don Carlos - Hail the Roots
is the track #3 from the album Hail the Roots which is released on 2011-12-10. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 2011 One Media Publishing
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