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Seasons Lyrics

I feel seasons everywhere,
and I feel blessings in the air;
(those seeds that you've sown),
(you're gonna come into your own, seasons),
walk into your seasons.

Verse 1:
I believe we're in a time
when God's gonna bless the saints,
those who have stayed, those who have prayed,
He's gonna fulfill the promise He made;
for I heard the Spirit say, �it's your time,
the wait is over, walk into your season�.

Verse 2:
I know that you've invested alot,
the return has been slow, you throw up your hands
and say I give up, I just can't take it anymore;
but I hear the Spirit say, 'that it's your time
the wait it over, walk into your season'.


You've survived the worst of times,
God was always on your side;
stake your claim,
write your name,
walk into this holy place.
(I hear the Spirit saying, that it's your time, the wait is over')

Vamp 1:
The wait is over it's your time.

Vamp 2:
The wait is over.

(I heard the Spirit say,
'that it's your time,
the wait it over),

walk into your season.

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