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Say A Little Prayer Lyrics

Mr. Moonlight...shinebright
show me my Mr. Right
lights, camera, action
I wanna be his sole distraction

Cupid draw your bow
shoot it nice and slow
send it straight to his heart
love don't let him go
you must let him know
this is love from the start

Say a little prayer
say a little prayer for me tonight
say a little prayer
say a little prayer for my hear tonight

Mama always told me
what you get is not what you see
I'm not taking any chances
no more broken romances

Cupid draw your bow fetch

(Chorus x2)

I promise to always love and care for him
and I promise...to do my very best for him
I promise...to cherish him for all of my life

I promise...to always love and care for him
and I promise...I'll always be there for him
I promise...to love him for the rest of my life

(Chorus out).

Song writer(s): Donna Wyant, Donna Summer, Anthony Smith, Keith Diamond
Official Donna Summer website: cockrockdisco.com

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Donna Summer - Mistaken Identity
is the track #9 from the album Mistaken Identity which is released on 1991. Genre: Disco | Record Label: 1991 Driven by the Music
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