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Revenge Lyrics

Yea Special Dedication to everybody who ever did me wrong yea
People Evil People that hurt me so bad my mind’s been broken my heart feels so sad

(Verse 1)
I walk around my head down full of hate that empty sound that my heart makes it makes my vessels shake just steal my soul today there's nothing else to take I sit around and wait for my death date I need an explanation on why it's still late if to suffer is my fate I can no longer relate to civilized people at a steady rate. Can you feel my pain? Are you drenched with shame? Am I the one to blame for how they treat my name? Or did they spark a flame and now it's time to aim at these untamed animals I call game? I can trust no one everybody is my enemy revenge is my remedy include that in my legacy I’m drafting up a recipe to kill off this industry. Looking for ingredients I found in chemistry.
(Verse 2)
Life gave me lemons I tried to make lemonade but what I got in the end was just a pity parade that evolved to my having a grenade promising I wouldn’t stop until they all paid for betrayal the lies my heart that they slayed I never asked for this but this is how it was laid out without a doubt they gona see what I’m about so whoever did me wrong getting called out I’m blessed with a curse or seeking the truth don’t worry about me just protect the youth I’m everything that disaster would say on a label I’m incapable of telling any soul a fable spin the table if you could but I don’t think you should do you know what it’s like to be misunderstood with your back against the wall and you come from the hood and everybody tries to play you and act like its good

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