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Everyday, you see, there’s another newsflash
Mafia dem a come, and Mafia dem crash
Mash up dem face, mash up dem bone
Bway you better hide when Mafia dem a roam

Bragadabadap – whaddat round di block?
Cadillac pon attack, di window dem black
One pull out a Glock, di car never stop
You hear a gun shot, you see a man drop
Him dead pon di spot, but no one is shocked
Becah disya act, a vendetta dat!
A vendetta dat! A vendetta dat!


Tingalingaling – one arm bandit ring
“Pink Flamingo”, il padrino check in
Tingalingaling – watch him bling bling
In Las Vegas him mek a legal killing

Di Mafia run it - di don come fi done it
When dem have a summit – ‘bout business dem commit
And man come fe con it – a whistling bird hum it
Dem come dung fi gun it – and pure blood him vomit


Who a come fi get you? Di Mafia
Who a mek rendez-vous? Di Mafia
Fi gi you concrete shoe? Di Mafia
Arrrrghhh - Di Mafia

“Luca, Marco, you come here to dissappoint me?
I told you to take care of Riccardo!
Your Mama will be very sad when she finds out about


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Dr. Ring Ding - Nice Again
is the track #10 from the album Nice Again which is released on 2007-12-14. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 2007 Kingstone Records
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