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Divine In Agony Lyrics

Chaos prevails, living in a dying hell, but you can`t
it`s just the world we live in
Rise above the rest, if you want to be my guest, but the
are on that you won`t make it.
Torments as far as the eye can see
Looters sifting through the debris
The son of Cain turns in his grave
I feel I`ve reached doom at last

Shades of deception, cast your fate on me
Power of rejection, never leave me be
Corruption rules At my will
Ancestors of this demon in me
They call to me demanding uncivility
It broke my will, it laid my dreams to waste
Destroy or adore me Love or abhore me
hated ecstasy This joyous agony

Ambience of mourners, know that it`s the end
Decadence only goes so far, the other is blown away
Final time alone in shades
Where are my friends they said they`s be here till
the end
My pleas fall on silenced ears
The dark is coming the sun won`t rise again
Recede to nothing I can`t let that happen
You`re the one who can be devoured by agony

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Dream Death - Journey Into Mystery
is the track #5 from the album Journey Into Mystery which is released on 1987-10-16. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1987 New Renaissance Records
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