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The Legend Of Huma Lyrics

Oh - the armies of darkness are coming to poison the
Takhisis, the queen of the night has risen again
Five-headed dragon returned from the land of the dead
To enslave us all

Oh - may Paladine smile upon us as we go to war
Like ancient Solamnic Knights have battled before
Defenders of light, sworn to fight for us all
To save the world

Silver and gold - the dragons of light
Pushing the darkness aside
The Measure and Code - the law of the knights
Echoing in my mind...

My honour - is my life
My honour - will survive

Oh - as I look deep into the elf-maiden's eyes
Gwyneth, my love, don't you mourn for me if I die
Your memory will pass with me into the next life
You'll always be part of me

Now - as I ride through the sky, a dragon of silver
The dragon is one with Gwyneth, but how could I've
I focus my mind, remember the Solamnic Oath
As we reach the queen...

Flames were all around, they heard the victory cry
Ansalon was spared, but they knew they'd reached their
With their final breath, her secret was set free
'Huma, I'm one with you - you're one with me...'

Now as you look into the sky, there's two new shining
The legend handed down from son to son, sung by bards
The dragon and the ancient knight did defeat the evil
They went to their deaths together
With a love that could never be...

Song writer(s): Tim Ian Grose
Official Dungeon website: www.dungeon.cd

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