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The Server Lyrics

Ughhh! Gully grimey and gritty
Huh! Heavy drug activity {pull over please}
Lower development housing
Hustlers makin thousands {CHING!}
Yola supplier, uhh
Pullin all-nighters (po-po man, po-po!)
Kissin my street sign {smooch}
Grippin the block like pliers (pliers?)
I'm as solid as can be
I'ma keep it funky my nigga, hoe shit don't sit too
well with me
(Uh-uh!) I was breathin in the deep {?}
Beverly Hillbilly, black gold, Texas tea... where
they'll merk you
And peel your potato instead of knucklin up
And squabbin like a hockey player {doo doo doo doo}
I'm not a knock I'm the server
Some of you niggaz become your own best customers

I'm not a knock I'm the server [4X]

Uhhhhah! Dibblin and dabblin
Flea-flickin and fiddle-faddlin (fiddle-faddlin?)
Rippin up crack
Overkill, gettin 47 back (11 of 'em)
Cerebral cortex pushed back {doo doo doo doo}
If I catch you pinchin out the sack
Anybody can get found, touched up and hurt
long as you do your homework (that's right)
Steady long, steady bright
Man these walls got ears, take the battery out your
(Take it out man!) He'll never make it home
Co-defendant was tellin, they stabbed him with a turkey
(Snitch!) That's the consequences for snitchin
Got a jacket on his ass, caught him slippin in the
(Shank me!) Niggaz talk a good one but they fake
Fools be spineless, they got no vertebrae

I'm not a knock I'm the server [4X]

Uhhhh! On the soil shootin dice (I got those)
Dopefiend paradise (zombies)
Leeches and parasites
Restless and sleepless nights {yawn}
Pistols and fistfights
Po-pos on feet and bikes {nobody move}
Broken windows and street lights
Collect calls and shootin kits (it's yo' potnah mayne!)
The housin authority and the law enforcement agency
Bat around my do', makes me beam me up and taze me
While my girlfriend, was watchin TV
Mindin her own business, breast feedin our newborn baby
(AHHH!) I asked 'em where the search warrant, they
Tearin up my apartment, but came up with nathin
My yola was at another spot
Too much traffic, had the situation hot

I'm not a knock I'm the server [4X]

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E-40 - Revenue Retrievin
is the track #18 from the album Revenue Retrievin': Night Shift which is released on 2010. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2010 Heavy On The Grind Entertainment
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