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Born To Boogie Lyrics

Well, I was born, I was born to boogie
People, I was born
Said I wanna boogie
I'm gon' boogie now

Everybody's born to boogie
Every little person born to boogie
Even old people should boogie
I'm gonna boogie

Every roadie should boogie
Every grandmother should boogie
I think the Pope could boogie
He got soul
I said, The Pope's got soul
I said, The Pope's got soul

Song writer(s): Don Henley, Timothy B. Schmit, Glenn Lewis Frey, Joseph Fidler Walsh, Don Felder, Donald Hugh Henley
Official Eagles website: eagles.com

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Eagles - Selected Works 1972-1999
is the track #31 from the album Selected Works 1972-1999 which is released on 2000-11-03. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2000 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc for the United States and WEA Internationl Inc for the world outside of the United States All rights reserved
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