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I Hate Rabbits Lyrics

(I'm a rabbit ooh-ooh) (I hates rabbits! )
Got that rabbit on the run, chase that rabbit with my gun
No long-ear rabbit laugh at me (I'm here, mail-special! )
Got a great big rabbit-trap, long-ear rabbit don't know that
The cotton-tale's gonna change his habbit (I hates rabbits! )
Well now I been readin' in my magic book
If I'm gonna have any luck with you
I gotta have a rabbitsfoot
The rabbit tries to change his looks
He been readin' disguise books, but rabbit-rabbit
(I hates rabbits! )

The rabbit tried to set a trap
But I'm too smart to fall for that
I doubled back and really fooled him
(Hey-hey, what's happening Mack?)
The rabbit ran up a hollow log
Stopped to talk to an old bullfrog
Showed that cotton-tale how to can him (I hates rabbits! )
Well now I been readin' in my magic book
If I'm to have any luck with you, I gotta have a rabbitsfoot
The rabbit's swimmin' in the river
I'll just wait 'cause I'm no swimmer
To catch a rabbit's lots of plannin'
(Oh boy) (Man, what a champion) (I hates rabbits! )

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