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Power & Majesty Lyrics

(I am a) sacred king in a sacred kingdom
You know me just as royality
Lookin' kind so you don't see
I wanna steal your virginity
I was born to feign an angel
The evil knowns just how to hide
I sold my soul only to rise
To build up powers that you can't fight

Watch me standing proudly
Till I wake the animal

At night we bite we fight
We are power and majesty
At night we bite we fight
We are power and majesty

I am a master of disguise
And hate to be your marionette
And I won't care if you'll be hangin'
Shut fuckin' up and be my bed

I am a reckless animal
Spitting out a sacred lie
Till you know my perversity
Is to "play" and kill and finally die

"Hey baby, I wanna excuse me for
My bad habits, close your eyes
I've got a present for you:"

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Edguy - Savage Poetry
is the track #9 from the album Savage Poetry which is released on 1995. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2000 AFM Records
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