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All-Nighter Lyrics

It's nearly eleven
Do you think we'll stand the test of time
You're a cloud short of heaven
But you know i want you to be mine
And I sitting here waiting
Yeah, it's getting frustrating
Got to go to the garage-uh
Got to get some fags and make some tea
Can you lend me enough wedge
Do you want to walk up there with me
And i'm sitting here waiting
Yeah, tired of debating
Will you do me, do me now
We've been up all night
I can feel a strange attraction
And it's getting light
But i can't spur you into action
Sure not alone, but I'm so on my own, Oh!
It's a quarter to seven
Don't you think we've stayed up long enough
You're a cloud short of heaven
But I'd love to see you strut your stuff
And I'm sitting here waiting
Yeah, we could be x-rated
We could be oh so happy
We could be oh so happy

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Elastica - Elastica
is the track #10 from the album Elastica which is released on 1995-03-13. Genre: Indie Rock | Record Label: 1995 DGC Records
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