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Drastic Change Lyrics

I calm the fuck out like mister pearly
So when i swing my fist fury yall can kiss the jury
Back the fuck up we missed bewery
Im tryin to pick up cages scince the early
(its 8 oclock)
Me and greed smoke weed and OD
But its low key
Theres no need
To stop the nose bleeds
I need a casket
I killed some consided bastered
And beat his ass with a bat
Burned him fuck his bitches asses
I breath his ashes
Fuck shit up before it happens
Like blown engines of airplanes with snoring captins
Your style mohganist
Like a borin job gets
Come to the battle and beat you forin objects
Im dumma than oklahomma ignorin bomb threats
Im dumma than tryin to start a war convicets
My metaphores are like a set of chores
I get applause
Cause people would rather here mine
Instead of yours
Still on the run from stabbin the bitch in the side
So im hitchin this ride
The motha fickin idigidest pride

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