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Silence On A Crowded Train Lyrics

Children of God playing musical chairs
Out of confusion and into despair
Out of despair and into malaise
A dead end game everyone plays
Though all are aware
Children of heaven just can't understand
Step over the body of the suffering man
Out of discomfort and into distain
Believing in ruins, detatched and ashamed
Children of lies in an empty diguise
Never quite learned how to open their eyes
Looking at nothing they see even less
Only illusions can calm their distress
A crowded train frozen still in the night
Deafening silence considered polite
Not a word spoken for a desperate hour
Eyes turn away
No contact's made
Ice cold neon light

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Entrance - Prayer Of Death
is the track #2 from the album Prayer Of Death which is released on 2006-11-14. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2006 Tee Pee Records
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