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Dusk Of Oblivion Lyrics

Chaos appears and doubt is your enemy
We're alone to seek in the spirit

See beyond the time,
the dusk of life is back.
Within me the oblivion falls again.

A tired soul for centuries
of wars and sorrow,
that disappears in the fog

Follow and embrace me

Return again in ages,
the dusk of life is reign.
Within me the oblivion falls again.

Once my mind
led me to dark places,
a tormented past
where in other times (I) lived.
A hidden secret
about own philosophy
comes to me again in dreams

With every heartbeat feelings come,
the past takes form and shows
in your world

A soul walker,
in the seas of night

Follow and embrace me

See beyond the time,
centuries of past, the dusk of life,
a shadow in oblivion

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