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My People Lyrics

Hold On, My People (chant)

Through the thunder and lightning
Oh when the weather gets rough now
Ooh ya got to hang on now girl
When it gets real rough, rocky and windy
Hold On
On and on and on now
When they start throwin' fire
Chant chant chant you down now
Oh you got to hold on and on
Ooh you got to hold on now
Oh you got to climb closer now
Who wants to survive now
Awww you gotta hold on
Love is on the way
Love is on the way
Love is on the way oh
Don't let it go now
Oh even when your heart starts bleeding
Hands on the trigger now, y'all
Right now my brothers and sisters
Keep on moving
Keep on moving
Keep on moving on... (Repeat until end)

Song writer(s): Erica Wright, Otis LeeJackson Jr, Anita Poree, Leonard Caston
Official Erykah Badu website: www.erykahbadu.com

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