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"I speak words of hatred"

designed my masters revenge
assigned to gods creation
affix the evil blessing
crucifix avoids your salvation
assertion of intense pain
desertion of christian promise
crawling in your blood
fall in agony from this...

evil priest chants... backwards
morbid prophets forsee... darkness
fires in hell rage
as allies of chaos... speaks

a death to live again
offer thy sacrifice
the goat shall rise
blood spilling on my altar

spells that haunt your end
tells the truth evil will conquer
radiate the wrath of sathanas
devastating hatred reigns forever
broken all your futile hopes
spoken incantations of your demise
defy foolish jesus christ
deny the maggot whom I despise

chant blasphemy
die jesus christ...
death to the heavenly
in virgin blood
we chant blasphemy
for I am chanting blasphemy!

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Ever Dark - Armageddon
is the track #5 from the album Armageddon's Birth - EP which is released on 1997. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Full Moon Productions
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