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Hellfires Touch Lyrics

whore of lust
sacred child mistress of sin
arouse your ambitions
for tonite your real life begins

enticed by nocturnal skies
the moon calls you out this eve
chosen your cold tombstone
lay out naked flesh upon the altar

sell your soul to me
for I own your desire
under hellfires touch
you'll burn in sadistic fires!

slut to the beast
temptress to my evil wish
forced osculum infamy
sworn alligence with a kiss

raped seal of your virginity
the pain of sodomy breaks your barrier
branded your flesh with the mark
facial created and blood drawn under the sign

under the sign - the mark of sin
fellfires touch - burns your soul
hellfires touch - makes you mine
midnight skies - and I will own your soul!!!

whore of lust...

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