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The Coming Of Legion Lyrics

scornful desire
implant the seed
glorious presence
creates the deed
victim of heaven
you're not so almighty
captive of your weakness
no hope for survival!!!

reap what you sow
death is all you gain
return from down below
belief in christ was insane

our numbers of the living
and the deceased surpass
all of your wildest dreams
now you shall realize
the future of man
in in legion's hands!

I am legion
we are many
we shall rule
destroyer of christianity

woship that bastard's book
for it was written by man
you fail to listen or look
run from your fears if you can

he shall ascend
to this satan's world
corruption mankind
you'll learn his word
into hell descends
his feeble heaven
dawns ancient prophecy
the coming of legion

they call me legion
for we are many
praise lord satan
the ruler of your earth!

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Ever Dark - Armageddon
is the track #1 from the album Armageddon's Birth - EP which is released on 1997. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 Full Moon Productions
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