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Cuckoo Bird Lyrics

Oh the cuckoo, she's a pretty bird; she warbles as she
But I never give her water till the 4th day of July

It is often that I wonder why women love men
& I look back & I wonder why men are men



Gonna build me a castle on a mountain so high
So I can see my true love as she passes by


Jack o' Diamonds, Jack o' Diamonds, I know you of old
You have robbed me my whole pockets of silver & gold

(repeat chorus & fade)

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Everly Brothers - Walk Right Back: The Everly Brothers 1960-1969
is the track #49 from the album Walk Right Back: The Everly Brothers 1960-1969 which is released on 1993-09-10. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 1993 Warner Bros Records Inc
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