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Bringer Of Death Lyrics

Caressed by the dark side
No remorse for my chosen path
Not fearing the band of my reaper
Not fearing my evil mind
With me,eternity ends
I'm the ruler of life
I'm the bringer of death
I have been since the dawn of time
Not always me,but always the same
You-can't bring me to an early grave
I-begotten not of blood
You-can't bring me to an early grave
I-will take you to your maker
Bewitched from my birth
Reborn again and again
Created to change the world
Created from torment
With me,it all dies
With me,eternity ends
My creation,a dark world
My creation,an evil race

Song writer(s): Mika Hendrik Lagren, Jan Erik Ivarsson, Mikael Wassholm, Jonas Hans Magnusson, Andreas Axelsson, Roberth John Flip Karlsson
Official Facebreaker website: www.facebreaker.com

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Facebreaker - Bloodred Hell
is the track #10 from the album Bloodred Hell which is released on 2004-03-02. Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal | Record Label: 2009 Cyclone Empire
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