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Carelessness Lyrics

Something I've read about
In a magazine,
In a journal of medicine
For fever and rapid heart.
For the younger set,
Giving life a start.

All the pain in dissent,
All the freedom to climb.
A thousand wishes I've missed,
For hanging onto this.
When a moment brings
Hope for everything,
Every time I walk away from this.
Will the One who came to throw it all away
Ever get to see the end of this?

Carelessness is something I recognize
When you're fast asleep,
And I'm in the right.
Taking in everything you ignore,
My abrasiveness and your angel-core.

More minutes of life
Put away, set aside,
Ever following things that I won't find.

Won't you climb high
And shower some correction on me?
Don't dare disguise.
Your colorful predictions are clear.

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Fair - The Best Worst-Case Scenario
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