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Always Wanting More Lyrics

You're always wanting more
All thethings that you want to see
Have been taken away from you again
All the lies that you sold to me
I see you have pushed them inside again
I see you falling down again
But will you be able to pick yourself
Back up again
Someday you'll know
That you seem so insecure
all these feelings
As you're falling
But always wanting more
Feelings you've shown
Won't lieky be ignored
Never fading
Always waiting
You're always wanting more
All your pleasures have brought you greed
Only thinking about yourself again
All the things that you say you need
Are the poisons that eat you from within
I see you've fallen down again
But will you be able to pick yourself
Back up again

Song writer(s): Jeremy Moore, Joshua James Franklin, Jeremy F. Coan, Marshal Kent Dutton, Ryan Gibbs
Official Faktion website: faktionband.com

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