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When I rise
Early this morning
I see love, I see love in front of me
yo again

When I rise
Early this morning
I see Jah Jah, Joy inside of me
yo again

Rpt 1:

It na take nothing at all fi hail the king
Him bless me in a what me doing
It na take nothing at all fi hail the king
Selassie the king of all king

Verse 1:

What It takes a man to gain the world
And loose his soul
Prophecy [Prophecy] It have fi full fill
Jah Jah work have fi unfold
To the young and the old the blind and the dumb
To the hype and the meek the week and the strong
Give Jah Jah thanks and just carry on

Rpt 1

Verse 2:

Rise with me princess mi hace fi give praise
My two little kids and mi a raise
Jah bless mama and bless papa
And bless all me bad minded nieghbor

I just like to see my people live on
A fool with no king
with rightousness
Cause it na take nothing at all

Rpt 1

Verse 3:

yo you coulda black white purple or blue
Love is for me mi say love is for you
ask the wicked man see what a he ga do
When he buckup waterloo
Hide them a Hide Said a to a catch a flu
When me pass through them a wonder who
tell wicked man them say dey ga haf fi get boo
fire fire bun dem


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Fantan Mojah - Hail The King
is the track #1 from the album Hail The King which is released on 2005-11-14. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 2005 Greensleeves
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