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Better Sleep Lyrics

Oh I know all I need all I really need
To stay clean is better sleep
Yeah better sleep is all I really need

Wake Up

We've aspired for decapitation
While we turn a blind eye toward the guillotine parade
Have no more use for counting sheep

No use!

We've aspired for asphyxiation
A suffocating glimpse at this fucked reality
Are we wasting our days with this better sleep?

I have no claim in this waking life
I'm tethered, bound, and gagged
Wanna wish it good night,
I have no claim in this waking life!

Quick stop!
It's too late
It's too late to get wasted
We have aspired for asphyxiation
While we turn a blind eye toward the guillotine parade.

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Fatter Than Albert - The Last Minute
is the track #1 from the album The Last Minute which is released on 2008-10-30. Genre: Reggae | Record Label: 2009 Community Records
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