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Graveyard Lyrics

The graveyard, the graveyard all full of light
The only age, the beating heart is empty of life
Dirt and grass, a shadow heart; the moon sails past
Blood as ice is an empty crisis, lonely it lies

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life [x4]

Roots and lies, roots and lies, our family tree is old
From there we climb the golden hill, calmly will eternity
I held your heart, a giant wand; all tell of sorrow
And history begins to be blue and brown eyes

Whoa-ah-ah-ah ah-ah, bring 'em all back to life [x8]

Song writer(s): Dominic Mocky Salole, Jason Beck, Leslie Feist
Official Feist website: www.listentofeist.com

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Feist - Metals
is the track #2 from the album Metals which is released on 2011-09-30. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2011 Polydor (France)
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