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The Day The Rain Came Down Lyrics

(I remember) trains and boats and planes
and people from the past
always making promises you know things that'll never last
and fever broke when the storms took hold
and morale was at an all time low
and you were staying up 'till dawn reading Crowley and
Allan Poe
and I was thinking back to the time when I was nine and
you were ten
you had a magic set that turned me into you then I said
hey the day the rain came down that's the day you weren't
I was lost in the woods one time and the sky was losing
I was brave and sixteen then I thought well hell I'll
stay all night
I took the sun from the sky and held it in my arms for a
the sound of ringing bells awoke me as the dawn was
drawing near
and you were standing there casting spells like they grow
on trees
I've seen it all
and for your next trick maybe you could tell me who said
hey the day the rain came down

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Felt - Gold Mine Trash
is the track #7 from the album Gold Mine Trash which is released on 1987-10. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1985 Cherry Red Records
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